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Parker Aerospace and Oxsensis collaborate
High accuracy optical pressure sensor

Oxsensis is working with Parker Aerospace to develop a highly accurate, highly stable pressure sensor for aerospace applications based on innovative fibre optic technologies. A collaborative agreement was signed during the 2013 Paris Air Show to apply Oxsensis technology to a Parker aero instrumentation system. The new technology and products are being developed by the two companies, building on Parker’s system integration aero-qualification and engineering skills and on Oxsensis’ optical sensor capabilities.  This alliance follows successful progress on a technology-inspired collaborative research and development project supported by the United Kingdom’s Technology Strategy Board.

Parker Aerospace Principal Engineer for Gauging and Sensors Dr. Lewis Boyd commented,

The pressure sensor ... will provide more precision than existing commercially available electrical sensors, while also being suitable for use at low temperatures and under high-vibration conditions. The use of fiber optics is also expected to deliver a sensor that is immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and completely free of any metallic or electrically conductive materials.” 

Static Pressure Sensor

Accurate static pressure measurement requires a knowledge of sensor temperature. Oxsensis static pressure sensor systems measure both parameters concurrently.

PT3000™ series
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