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Blade tip monitoring
Eddy current/Dynamic pressure sensors

Eddy current probes are suitable for multi-measurand blade condition monitoring in gas turbine engines. An excitation coil produces a time-varying magnetic field in the region of the blade tips.  A passing blade will disturb this magnetic field and a sensing coil detects these magnetic field changes, which are dependent on the blade clearance and inter-blade spacing.  Eddy current sensors allow non-contact blade sensing and monitoring without contaminant influence that often disrupt alternative optical or capacitive methodologies.

Professor Kam Chama, of Oxford University OTFL, said "The pulsed eddy current technique allows non-invasive, non-contact blade monitoring without the influence of contaminants. It can directly detect blade tip clearance and inter-blade spacing from the outside surface of a gas turbine engine case."

The eddy current probe has been integrated with non-metallic, EMI immune optical dynamic pressure sensor technology for concurrent blade tip and dynamic pressure monitoring in gas turbine engines.


Compressor blade tip behaviour and gas dynamic pressure are concurrently available through hybrid optical/Eddy current sensor technology

KC1000™ data sheet
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