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Nuclear Optical sensors for challenging environments

The nuclear industry offers some of the most challenging environments for sensor system. The environmental conditions faced during decommissioning activities can be met by innovative solutions developed in parallel industries. Oxsensis optical sensors, developed for harsh environments in the aerospace and power generation industries enable measurements at high temperatures and pressures in EMI immune radiation tolerant sensors.


Technology from our aerospace applications provides temperature, pressure and position sensors suitable for nuclear system instrumentation. This technology is particularly relevant because it is non-electrical by virtue of the passive (optical) sensor head.

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Nuclear power plant

Oxsensis offers point sensors for pressure, temperature and position measurement using optical instrumentation that is EMI immune, providing a non-electrical instrumentation route for nuclear industry systems for performance and fault detection monitoring.

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Nuclear industry applications

There are times when plant engineers need to look beyond electrical sensors to harvest essential data. Optical sensors have surprising applications in the nuclear industry.

Nuclear industry applications

Benefits of optical sensors

Optical sensors need fibre optics and electo-optic interrogators, so what are the benefits of using non-electricl sensors in a nuclear industry environment?

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