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Oil and gas Optical point sensors for harsh environments

High temperature down-hole sensing requirements are being met by optical pressure sensors. Down-hole electronics are avoided and the optical sensors are intrinsically safe and immune to electromagnetic interference. Oxsensis products, derived from 13 years' development of optical pressure sensors for gas turbine combustors, and are well adapted to the high temperature environment relevant to Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and HTHP oil well monitoring. 

Oil well production

The global demand for oil and gas is fuelling investment in advanced technology and, in particular, the installation of improved fibre optic monitoring systems capable of improving operational performance and accuracy of monitoring systems to ensure safety, productivity and durability in harsh environments.

PT5100m™ PT/TT sensor system


Oxsensis offers point sensors for pressure and temperature measurement using optical instrumentation that are mechanically robust, EMI immune and provide a non-electrical instrumentation route for oil & gas industry systems for performance and fault detection monitoring.

Fuel pump PT/TT sensor system


Although high temperature performance is paramount, it's the partnership between specialised companies that delivers the results.

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