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 Optical sensors for decommissioning

Oxsensis manufacture optical sensors for the simultaneous measurement of pressure, temperature and position in hostile environments. Optical sensors provide an alternative approach for gathering data in radioactive environments in situations where electrical sensors have inadequate reliability, sensitivity or lifetime. 

The principle application for Oxsensis sensors is in the high pressure/high temperature combustors of aero engines, but we have become involved with other aerospace derived optical sensors developments that include:
  1. very sensitive pressure measurements for fuel tank level measurement,
  2. temperature only measurement (<1000°C),  
  3. optical acceleration measurements for generator end windings,
  4. rotation and axial position of pumps and valves.
We also develop and manufacture the optoelectronics for interrogating the sensors and processing the data.

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Product overview

Nuclear industry applications

There are times when plant engineers need to look beyond electrical sensors to harvest essential data. Optical sensors have surprising applications in the nuclear industry.

Nuclear industry applications

Benefits of optical sensors

Optical sensors need fibre optics and electo-optic interrogators, so what are the benefits of using non-electricl sensors in a nuclear industry environment?

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