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Overview Optical Pressure Sensor Systems for harsh environments

Oxsensis optical pressure sensor systems exploit patented WavePhire™ sapphire sensor technology that enables accurate, high sensitivity, measurements to be made at the extremes of electromagnetic interference and temperature (beyond 1,000oC/1,800oF). Our PT (Pressure Transducer) product range includes instrumentation for real-time measurement of:

  1. Dynamic pressure (PT1000™ series)
  2. Dynamic Pressure, Static Pressure and Temperature (PT2000™ series)
  3. Static Pressure and Temperature (PT3000™ series)

Dynamic Pressure Sensor Systems

Oxsensis PT1000™ Series optical pressure sensors for EMI immune monitoring of dynamic pressure at high temperature, perfect for monitoring acoustic oscillations in Gas Turbines. 

PT1000™ Series

Dynamic and Static Pressure, with Temperature

Oxsensis PT2000™ Series sensors provide compact, EMI immune, monitoring of dymanic pressure, static pressure and temperature concurrently in one sensor using 1,000°C optical sensor technology.

PT2000™ series

Static Pressure Sensor Systems

Accurate static pressure measurement requires a knowledge of sensor temperature. Oxsensis static pressure sensor systems measure both parameters concurrently.

PT3000™ series

These sensor systems are either commercially available as standard products, or the technology can be exploited for customer driven collaborative development programmes that satisfy your specific needs. 

Oxsensis multi-channel multi-measurand opto-electronic interrogators and sensors save weight, cost, and space.
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