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PT2000™ Series Multi-measurand Sensor System


The Oxsensis PT2000™ Series multi-measurand sensor systems incorporate the same patented high bandwidth signal processing algorithm for dynamic pressure measurement as the PT1000™ Series, but they also include a spectral analyser for static pressure and sensor temperature measurement. So, the PT2000™ Series interrogators simultaneously provide:

  1. Dynamic pressure measurement with a 20kHz bandwidth
  2. Static pressure measurement  
  3. Sensor temperature measurement with a 100Hz refresh rate
The four channel PT2400™ system provides a truly multi-measurand sensor capability from a single transducer, and therefore a unique pressure gauging system for harsh environments. You can choose from a range of physical packages that meet your size, weight and sensing needs. 

The PT2400™ consisting of an i-Phire™ 240 interrogator and WavePhire™ MPT950 Series II sensor for 20kHz bandwidth measurement at 750°C of dynamic pressure, static pressure and temperature concurrently from one sensor.

PT2400™ Data sheet
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