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Optical monitoring and diagnostics Engine performance

Oxsensis provides new development instrumentation products for advanced engine monitoring and diagnostics derived from our aerospace and gas turbine experience. Our sensor solutions off multiple measurand, high temperature, small packaging and zero local electronics capabilities.

Exhaust manifold and turbochargers
Oxsensis' gas turbine experience directly provides sensors for dynamic pressure measurement at turbocharger temperatures. The combined pressure and temperature (multi-measurand) optical sensor system offered by Oxsensis provides a unique diagnostic capability: Direct pressure measurement up to 1000°C and over a 20kHz bandwidth – wave-Phire™ dynamic pressure sensors operate upstream of turbocharger for design/installation optimisation.
In-cylinder measurement - marine diesel engines
High bandwidth in-cylinder pressure measurement is one of the most challenging environments for pressure sensors, because the rapid change in pressure is accompanied by a temperature change. Oxsensis optical sensors seek to minimise the cross-talk by simultaneously measuring the sensor temperature and correcting the pressure data.  There is a bandwidth limit on this process so the target application is large marine diesel engines.
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